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Crescent Straight Pattern Tinner Snips


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HVAC and sheet metal pros agree: When making long, straight cuts in thinner-gauge sheet metal, tinner snips are the way to go. They’re a simple, economical, and durable cutting solution for many sheet metal and HVAC applications. New Crescent Wiss lightweight aluminum and drop-forged steel tinner snips are the most durable we’ve ever made with precision ground cutting edges and an adjustable pivot bolt. Available in a wide selection of styles and sizes, there’s a perfect Crescent Wiss snip for every job.



  • Hot drop-forged steel blades provide market-leading strength, durability, and excellent cutting performance over tool life
  • Precision-ground cutting edges provide superior cutting quality & reduced cutting effort through optimized blade geometry
  • Through broached bolt allows for market leading cycle cut life - yielding greater than 3X the ASME specification

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